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  1. It was damaged. I am currently looking for a molding tape that is thick enough to hold the piece on. The tape was nearly 1/2" thick and the normal double side tape does not hold up. So i removed it after i had it fixed and waiting to find a good tape to apply it back on so i do not have to go down the road of trying to find a new cladding.
  2. Yeah that looks like a lot of added weight, did you use mdf or birch?
  3. Hey guys new here. I have had an SS for awhile, im from northwest Indiana. My 2006 Silverado SS was Black from the factory and at my shop i did i vinyl wrap on it to make it a Gunmetal Matte Metallic and i must say i love it. Engine upgrades so far Volant CAI Pace Setter Long tube Headers Corsa Exhaust BBP Tune Trans and Cam are next on the list of upgrades.
  4. Thank you for your help. I will look into to that and as soon as i finish up my vinyl wrap job on my ss i will post of pics of that.
  5. Yeah that is the one i have been looking at. Im pretty sure thats the one i am going to go with. I was more so looking for which companies i should use for the torque converter, springs and injectors.
  6. Okay thank you. What would Chris's username be?
  7. Hello guys back again, I have been debating on this for a long time now, but i think i am finally to the point where i have everything else ready. I currently have an 06 Silverado SS. What i have done to the truck so far is Volant CAI w/scoop, Pacesetter Long tube headers, hollowed cats, Corsa Touring Exhaust and a BBP tune. My next step is going to be the cam, the one i have my heart set on right now would be the Comp Heads xr275hr. My question would be what lifters, injections and torque converters would you guys suggest? My main goal for the truck is to keep it as a daily/Sunday
  8. Its a pretty easy fix, i had to do mine a year or two ago.
  9. Well i did find out the sensor in my pedal was faulting. It wasnt bad where it would throw a check engine code, but once i used my scanner it finally should up thru a system testing. I also then found a small intake leak. i did just purchase a Black Bear tune, should be in tomorrow but i was not sure if they can do a o2 delete with the tune.
  10. Hey guys, I am new to this page and i may in the wrong thread. But i was wondering if anyone has had any issues with their cats, i have had to replace my twice now and going on a third time. My truck has under 120,000 on it and its an 06 Silverado SS. This second set of cats lasted roughly 30k miles. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a brand to use or if anyone has hollowed them out and used a 02 simulator to get around the check engine light. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you
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