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  1. I sure hope he doesn't, since he was trying to sell them in 2007. Richard
  2. If there's no ticking, clattering, etc. from the engine when it says low oil pressure - the warning is almost surely a failed oil pressure sensor, a somewhat common failure; it's a little tricky to reach in to replace it (pretty much by braille) but the sensor isn't expensive and you can knock it out in less than half an hour. Richard
  3. Seems like a decent price for a driver, a lot of those items are pretty easy/inexpensive to repair. Cluster steppers, front signal housings, tailgate handle, radio, headliner, carpet, not all big deals and a few hundred bucks/couple weekends of work. Dunno about the A/C but could be as simple as a flaky pressure switch or maginally low refrigerant. Anyway good luck on the sale, someone gonna snap it up and have a good truck with a little work. Richard
  4. Temperature sensor is in an assembly called the aspirator; it's behind the grille in the headliner above the driver's head. Got a little fan in there blows cabin air across a temperature sensor. Richard
  5. There's minimal difference between that and the stock 275/55/20. Exact measurements will vary a little depending on brand and model of tire, but: 275/55/20 = 31.9" high, 10.83" wide 285/45/22 = 32.1" high, 11.22" wide I'm running them on my RWD '06 SS at stock height with zero issues. Richard
  6. I'd ask over on PT for more traffic and eyes on your question. I can't think of what might be leaking at the rear of a 6.0 except possibly intake gaskets? You had proper antifreeze concentration in the system so no potential for issues with that shit weather we just had? Richard
  7. No pictures and only a short description of the truck makes it tough to judge, but an '05 SS with only 38K miles is worth plenty right off the bat, plus it's got a supercharger and other work done. Most mods don't return a lot of value on sale but if someone wants a supercharged SS with low miles... time to break out the piggy bank. Richard
  8. Dorman not known for quality in materials or design across the board, in most cases lesser quality than OEM. I have no idea if their driveshafts are any good. If it's all you can find, it'll have to do though, right? Hope it works out well. It may be just fine as long as you aren't beating on it. Your original one may have failed due to corrosion or prior abuse. Richard
  9. Should be 15200239 but it's gonna be discontinued from GM. Dorman makes one but I dunno if I'd trust it.. but it's the only new one listed on Rockauto, other ones all appear to be the wrong application/length. At $633+shipping for a Dorman piece, I think I'd be checking for a local driveshaft shop to you and see what they could hook you up with. Richard
  10. Doesn't take much damage to total a modern vehicle and end up with a rebuilt title. Mine's got one due to a rear end crash that left the truck 100% driveable other than needing a taillight to be legal. Is the switch functional? Or just possibly an inactive switch that came with a replacement dash bezel.. Richard
  11. It's too bad I don't see this lawn dude around the neighborhood anymore. While unfortunately the wing is already gone from that boneyard find, it's still got the lower molding (and emblems) Richard
  12. Tough call on the price but ONE thing I can absolutely guarantee you is that garage-kept means a lot on a red example, if the paint and clearcoat is truly in top notch shape, no fading or peeling, that is hard to find... and anybody that has priced out a quality red repaint knows how expensive that can be. Materials alone are ridiculous. Good luck w/your sale Richard
  13. It's a problem on a lot of forums - use an external picture sharing site and then you can paste the "IMG" code into your message that the pic site gives you. IMGUR, etc. I wouldn't recommend photobucket after they shafted everyone trying to charge after years of free service. Richard
  14. Nah, activity kind of goes in spurts, but that's what happens with niche sites unfortunately! Plenty of us still here but surely only a very small segment of SS owners in the world. I looked around and couldn't find any way to list the entire membership of 32K or however many.. Richard
  15. Coming along nicely! I got the Corsa cat-back (traded another forum member for it) and dig it; it's a nice middle option between the ugly-loud Magnaflow I had on there and the too-quiet stock muffler. Have you tried those switchbacks with the engine running yet? I had some (totally different brand) in mine that worked great with the engine off but once it was running and system voltage went up a couple volts, the white running light function started strobing like crazy and eventually turned off. I've got some little voltage regulators I was gonna try to hack in but it seemed like I
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