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  1. Im looking to replace my fuel pump, Ive got a mostly stock truck so Im not looking for an upgraded fuel pump. Ive looked up part numbers and see several that might fit but one part crossed to another part number and so on and so on. Ive looked on the site here for fuel pump part numbers but I could not find it. I believe I came across a thread where a member had a screen shot of a Mitchells manual answering a question for someone else. I believe it costs a chunk of change to have access to that site. Anyway, if someone knows what part number for the 2004 SS, Id be most gratefu
  2. Thank you once again for the replies, I am out of town for work but I plan to take the suggestions and get it running when Im back.
  3. Thanks for the replies, Im most grateful. If it is the fuel pump, do I drop the tank or lift the bed? Im almost out of gas so im sure it wouldnt be too heavy to handle. Ive replaced a fuel pump on a Tahoe some years back so Im ok doing either Thanks!
  4. Kessler drivjg home esrlier today and asi approached my house the truck bogged when I tapped the gas pedal so I just coastedintk the driveway and as I put it in park it cut out. I tried to start it and it cranked strong, acted like it was trying to start (like getting a little gas) but would not run. There are no codes thrown. I can hear the fuel pump when I bump the key. The only mod I have is a cold air intake and thats it, rest is stock. Im not sure where to start. Cam sensor? Crank sensor?, fuel regulator? I dont know, it ran well and all of a sudden it bogged as I tapped on
  5. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. I bought iridium spark plugs a little while back and have not had the time to change em. I'll make that time soon and look the wires over pretty good too, clean out the MAF sensor. I believe the wires are original with 130k on the clock. I am grateful that I'm not receiving the misfire code tho Thanks again
  6. Hi I've got a 2004 SS with about 130,000 miles and a K&N cold air intake. There are times when under hard acceleration that the engine stumbles. The only codes ever thrown are the small evap leak P0442. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
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