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  1. Well. I wanted to update you guys. Unfortunately they didn't pay me out on the supercharger, but for my truck being a restored salvage title. I'm very happy with the check statefarm gave me. Should be enough for another SS . But now I'm not so sure if I want an ss again. I have a kid on the way and now I'm leaning more towards a nnbs crew cab
  2. Well I have 3k saved up because I was about to paint it. Hopefully with that and what they give me hopefully I can find a nice truck. I was so pissed when I saw it was gone. I guess we will see in a few weeks.
  3. Idk I guess we will find out. But my buddy was an ins agent and he said if it's bolted on it's usually covered. But I guess we will see. If you look my ss wasn't in the best condition either but we will see how it goes. When my truck got broken into last year and they stole my system. They paid full retail for everything.
  4. My ss got stolen on Thursday. I was hope in they found her. But it's not looking great at all. My guess is she is chopped or in Mexico by now. I would like to get close to the same as what I had. Mine was a 2005 with a mangacharger tvs1900 it had long tubes and a magnaflow exhaust. And a tune. It's had 22 in U2 55 wheels and it had a bad ass stereo system. They told me that if they didn't find my truck In 2 weeks they would consider it a total loss. I know my insurance is going to try to dick me around but the whole point of insurance is to get you back to what you had before the loss. So if
  5. I have some oem ones. My truck got stolen and I has removed the cladding and brake ducts because I was about to paint it.
  6. I think I would win for the worst looking one.
  7. RaMoN_88_SS

    ss vs 350z

    the z belongs to my cousin. he was talking shit about my truck. so I asked him if he really wanted me to embarrass him in front of his girlfriend. Well one thing lead to another and we drove to a spot and settled it lol http://s1075.photobucket.com/user/RaMoN_88_SS/media/ssvs350z_zps8550eb5d.mp4.html
  8. pulled on a rcsb hemi from a 30 mph roll and then the guy wanted to go from a dig lol

    1. silverado777


      He obviously doesn't know to much about the SS.

    2. BLNAWAY


      Haha that's awesome nice kill

    3. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      Some guys don't know when to quit.


      Must have been fun.

  9. I have just had one of my tires get a bump on the side wall and I can't afford 4 new tires at this time..does anyone know if having 2 new tires up front and 2 rear tires with about 60% thread will damage my drivetrain?
  10. I like the color it's just too much attention. I saw one a couple days ago but it was a gt with the green..it had the stock 19" black wheels but the inside if the spokes were painted the same green color and the spoiler was black..it looked great
  11. Did u get a v6 as well? This thing is quick for a v6. We got the appearance package it looks pretty nice..that gotta have it green is a bit too bright for my taste...I bet you turn a lot of heads with that color tho.
  12. I know guys I tried to talk her into a camaro but its what she wanted and her dad is a ford retiree and we got a great deal..
  13. Off of 35th ave and lower buckeye..seen it twice around the same time 745am ish It's nice truck slammed regular cab clone with full cladding and iss wing
  14. Just got quoted $480 for the passenger side door cladding and that was wholesale..looks like I'm gonna try to fix it first

    1. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      OUCH! I think I'd try and fix it too. Good luck man.

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