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  1. where might one find a radix for 2k I have searched far and wide
  2. From what I hear the runners were changed a little but and the tb is different but it all still works the same you will need an adaptor or xlink to run tbss or nnbs
  3. I have an nnbs intake I'll trade for ls2 car style if you can find one, and nnbs intake is just a hair better then tbss
  4. I need one of these for my 4l80e swap let me know thanks
  5. Well we are in Manhattan beach hanging out so if anyone wants to come
  6. Alaska isn't too bad with a 295/35 series but instead of bashing you ill talk to you man to man. What is your need to have 4 15s? I mean it's cool it's loud and something you brag about but we have 2 sound comps a year up here. I made a center console box for my standard cab pick up with an l7 and it hits as hard as I need, and I had 2 22in subs so I know what loud is. Also you said that you would rather do 10,000 in performance? Why don't you do that there are a few shops that can do that up here and me and my friends eat live and breath Chevy performance. Come talk to us one of these days an
  7. Let's just narrow it down to these 2days come out and meet people from Alaska we want to see how the lower 48 do it
  8. Me and a friend will be coming down from Alaska be here 24th and 25th that's the weekend you should have it lol Manhattan beach
  9. I just wanna see what the car and truck scene is like down there lol
  10. I'm down but my truck isn't an ss and one of my buddies ss is down so it should happen later in the year maybe
  11. 1bad2k ask before you head down lol like me I'm hoping I can set something up that would be sick and mid12 I'm born and raised here lol we need to have a meet later in the summer up here
  12. Hey guys me and my buddy are coming down from the Alaska on the 19th till the 25th. We are coming into lax and going to long beach I was wondering if anyone would like to come hang out or just drive us around and show us some shit. Or maybe plan a meet for the 24th or 25th. Let me know guys!
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