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  1. In stock for, you are putting approx 280RWHP (345HP is crank I've done all of the mods mentions but I warn against the BTR Stage 3 unless you don't mind less daily drivability. I agree in a trans rebuild with a dedicated trans cooler. I've had my SS for 12 years and had to do the transmission 3 times and considering a 4th rebuild. Good luck.
  2. FYI, you can find the caps on eBay
  3. These are GM OEM C6Z06 calipers which are manufactured by PBR which is Baer. I had the Baer Logo added when I had the calipers powder coated. Baer Rotor 6910962 Front Driver Side Baer Rotor 6920962 Front Passenger Side Rotor Outside Diameter (in):15.00 in. Rotor Thickness (in):1.100 in. Baer Rotor 6910526 Rear Driver Side Baer Rotor 6920526 Rear Passenger Side Rotor Outside Diameter (in):14.00 in. Rotor Thickness (in):1.025 in
  4. 153k on mine. Trans went out at 145k but that is because I tow a 24' enclosed trailer on occasion. I get compliments on the truck all the time.
  5. There is definitely an improvement although only 75% of the rotor surface is being used. I did the mod this past spring and used Hawk single pads. Will use EBC pads when I need to replaced the brakes.
  6. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/83201-cleaning-out-my-storage/ Also have stock engine cover for sale. B
  7. I hear you are the man to get the Baer calipers from for the Z06 caliper conversion. Is this true? If so I need a price for all 4. Tried to PM you but your box is full. B Thanks B
  8. Storage Unit Clean out. Stock 05 Silverao SS Items. Engine covers - passenger and drivers side $70.00 plus shipping Air hose unit from airbox to throttle body $30 plus shipping PM or text or Email 719-360-0065 [email protected] Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype
  9. Thanks for the posts, I am having the same problem. Will follow your lead.
  10. Can someone please clarify where to get the rotors? I have the Z06 calipers and the brackets (Rudy). Where do I get the correct front and back Baer rotors for my 2005 SS? There seems to be conflicting information. Sorry to beat a dead horse but want to be sure. B
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