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  1. I replied to your pm. Anyone else interested, I still have some. Drop me an email [email protected]
  2. Still waiting on that 10yr old shipping label and money order receipt you claim to have. How are you recovering from the accident you claimed to have had? No matter what proof I give you will still deny it. So let’s see your proof against me.
  3. So publicly you try to call me out and say I don’t have a liability waiver from you, yet you send me a private email saying that you won’t believe it because you think I faked it or spoofed it. So let’s make this really simple. You claimed to have the box I shipped the brackets in and you claim you have the money order receipt. So let’s see it. Prove me wrong. So either put up or shut up. You keep claiming to have all this proof against me yet everything you post or email me points to you being wrong. So again, put up or shut up. You are acting like a spoiled little kid that didn’t
  4. Still waiting on the shipping label pic and money order you claim to have
  5. Still waiting on the pic of the shipping label and money order......
  6. Do you give me permission to post your info?
  7. You literally threatened to sabotage sales while claiming not to have threatened me. Let’s talk about facts. You claim to remember all kinds of facts and details that never happened. Yet you waited over 10 years to try and make it right? Every pic you have posted is of a competitors product, yet you expect me to claim it as my own. You claim to have a box that the brackets came in (which are not mine) and the shipping info is me. Maybe that’s because they are not my parts and I didn’t send them to you. By the way, I’m still waiting for a pic of the shipp
  8. You can keep insulting me and keep saying that those are my brackets but that doesn’t make it true. The pictures you sent me are pictures of JYD brackets and hardware. So you either don’t remember buying them, you are trying to get free parts from me by threatening me or you are just trying to give me a bad reputation. Either way, it’s not my fault and not my problem. Perhaps if you had tried contacting JYD a decade ago when you purchased his brackets he would have helped you. But again, that’s not my fault or my problem.
  9. I’m not going to admit to something that I didn’t do. I have given you photographic evidence that those are not my brackets and you still deny it. I don’t know what else I could possibly do to prove to you are wrong. You have literally made up things that never happened. I have backed up every single thing I’ve said with photographic proof. You keep making endless claims and statements with no proof. I guess it this point we will have to agree to disagree. Again I’m sorry you got ripped off by JYD but that’s not my fault or my problem. My brackets never looked like those front brackets and whi
  10. I never denied selling you brackets. But the brackets you are showing pictures of are not mine. Those are JYD brackets. Anyone with half a brain can see that those brackets for the front look nothing like mine. As I’ve stated before your rear bracket is totally flat and no machine to offset. My brackets have always had a machine offset so the end-user didn’t have to shim them. Your hardware is the exact same hardware that’s in the picture of the JYD brackets being sold by another user. If you want to see what my brackets look like from the very beginning go look at the how to. You will see ve
  11. JYD, that’s the guy that made the brackets before Ray. They were built around 14” rotors. I’ve seen pics of those brackets pop up when people were selling them, usually to upgrade to my brackets or Ray’s. Ray came along and made a single piece bracket built around a 15” rotor. After a short while Ray stopped making the brackets. I contacted him and asked if I could carry on the torch so to speak. He said he didn’t care. So I made them. The front bracket has changed every so slightly (mostly cosmetic or adjustments to make machining faster/less tool changes). I never made a front 14” rotor bra
  12. I just saw the pic you emailed me. Those aren’t even my brackets. Sorry buddy. You are barking up the wrong tree. Take a look at my post history. Take a look at the how-to I wrote. My brackets look nothing like that. These are my brackets My brackets are one solid piece. No stubs or standoffs. I’m fairly certain those brackets were a design by another member years before I sold my brackets. My brackets are built around a 15” rotor. Your brackets are built around a 14” rotor. That’s why the caliper mounting holes on my bracket have a different offset th
  13. You claim I ripped you off. I looked back in my records. You purchased a set of brackets more than decade ago, Dec 20th 2010 to be exact. You claim I ripped you off. You claim I disappeared. I’ve always replied to every email and private message. I’ve never hid. Why did it take 10 years for you to reach out to me? If you didn’t receive all your parts why did you wait over 10 years? Why didn’t you file a claim with PayPal? Why not reach out to me like a grown man 10 years ago instead of trying to publicly bash me like a little kid 10 years after the fact? What’s your deal man? If I’m such
  14. Yep still have some. Send me an email [email protected]
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