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  1. Did you ever determine the solution to your problem? Mine's acting up the same way.
  2. Yeah, it worked very well without any issues whatsoever. BTW I changed out both the lower and upper balls joints and hub bearing while I had it apart. I used the 16" TC6R Big Brake Truck Front Brake Kit with the Beltech 2" . I have a little bit of tire rub at full right and full left and would love to hear if anyone has come up with a solution. It appears the fender wells are lined with plastic, so I wonder if the material could be sucked up a little tighter.
  3. The box arrived in one piece and looks good. I appreciate your support and efforts to get this thing shipped. Thank you!
  4. I have now have big brakes and my will spare no longer fit. I need a 20 inch wheel to work, SS preferred. Center cap not needed.
  5. Sorry, my sense of humor is low threshold regarding this box. I've had both GM parts guys and Salvage yards tell me they have one and when it's time to place the order they end up not having it. If you can get a shipping quote for $150, I'll take it and pay you $300 for the box. So we're looking at a max of $450. I can do paypal.
  6. Wow, just like that? Maybe you missed the part where I said, I'd pay for shipping. Thanks Bro, but I'm pretty sure I'm not driving to Canada for a $300 box.
  7. That's great! The box from GM was listed at $315. If you can ship it, which I'll pay the additional cost, I'll offer $275. I've had pretty good luck with going into a UPS store with oversize items and saying, "I need this shipped" and they usually figure it out. But it aint free and I get that. So let me know, I can do PayPal. Thanks man.
  8. How to install a B & M Shifter and wiring to the saftey switch and the backup lihgts

  9. The truck would have to be perfect to get that kind of coin.
  10. I just took receipt of a 2003 SSS with less than 36K miles (100% stock) to replace my 04 that was stolen while serving in Afghanistan. Insurance only paid $12,700 so I had to pony up a few more bucks. So now I'm vigorously throwing all the previous upgrades at it. Installed the CORSA yesterday in my driveway, that was dumb, had to break out the saws-all. Should've gone to the hobby shop on base. Retrax gets here today, easy install. I had the Z06 brake mod on the '04 but I understand Rudy's no longer making the brackets, so I'm looking at the Wilwood 16" brakes. I still have the Belltec
  11. This is a great, idiot proof alternative to the diode fix. Highly recommended!
  12. Looking for the rear seat storage box with the hinged lid and latch. Part number is GM-12498846. It's been discontinued, need a used one.
  13. Has anyone upgraded to the Wilwood 16" (140-8992) brakes with a Beltech 2/2 Spindle drop kit? The Wilwood tech support guy is telling me not to do it. In my mind if the drop spindle will work with the OEM calipers, then the holes are spaced correctly and the offset should be good, so why wouldn’t the Wilwood brackets work? Has anyone pulled this off?
  14. I know this post is a couple years old... are these brakes kits still available?
  15. Is it possible to blend the fiberglass with the plastic cladding? Is it advisable? Add me to your contact list when you make another production run.
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