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  1. I am entertaining the sale of my 2006 Silverado SS with cloth interior, 46,000 miles, PAMPERED & BABIED beauty. The truck has never seen snow, never driven on a dirt road and always maintained properly with Mobil 1. Never in accident, never broken, Replaced the original tires at 44,000 miles so you know I didn't burn them off because I sold the old tires once they were off for $150 cause they were still usable. We have the original window sticker AND we have kept a log book of all the gas that has ever been pumped into the tank! The front seats have always had beach towels on them. The bed
  2. I m entertaining the sale of mine also. 2006 RWD in Victory Red, cloth interior with only 46,000 miles in MINT condition. Never raced, Never abused, never used as a truck, never has it seen snow, never been on dirt road at all. Chrome wheels bed rug soft tonneau cover. Beach towels on sets since new, and a log book of every drop of gas pumped into the tank. Brand New Pirelli Scorpion tires. But its priced above the KBB book price. email [email protected] if seriously interested.
  3. OK, I see your points but if you're not driving hard (which is difficult) And not towing I guess for everyday driving its kind of OK to do. Mine has only 46,000 miles on it and I would LOVE to keep it but with premium costs 50-60 cents per gallon higher its hard to do. But then again if I can't justify the cost then I shouldn't drive it or even own it. Let's see if I can post a pic of it.
  4. Hey All, chubbyoldguy here again. I haven't visited here in quite some time. Been busy trying to locate an engine for our Saturn Vue PLUS I put my 2006 Silverado SS up for sale. It didn't sell because I put the truck up for sale at "my price" which is higher than book price and I had people telling me there is nothing special about the truck and offered me 8K less than I was willing to sell for. My point is I own the truck, I live in the "GOOD OLD US OF A" and I have the right to sell it for what I want, not what the buyer wants. If one thinks I have over priced the truck then feel free to go
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