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  1. cant tell shit if theres no name on it , mufflers all look the same basically . might just be like a generic walkers muffler or somtin along those lines.
  2. if thats the shift point right when you let out of it i wouldnt be to worried doesnt seem to high mines around that 6300-6500 . even so if you buy the truck get a real tune and you can get your shift points setup where you like em . id assume its got springs pushrods , can you tell if its got a stall ? id consider a little transmission work to .
  3. well guys finally after chasing problems with the truck for the last month and doin some other little things the truck is running the best it has since i did the cam swap over a yr ago .

    1. BLNAWAY


      Glad to hear shes finnaly right...got alot of gone now haha...what issues whrre u having?

    2. alex.t


      well napa ****ed me over and i didnt realaize at the time , but they gave me 4.8 spark plugs instead of the actual ones so that was a problem , and my fuel issue ended up being a small pin whole leak in the fuel line that runs from the pump to the top of the basket. it eventually turned into a big slit and had no fuel psi . finally put in a wideband and a fuel psi gauge so i can monitor better, ended up throwing a filter and fuel psi regualtor into it before i took the bed off to look at the...

  4. never even thought about it once but yup ten years , ive only owned it for half of its life but its been good
  5. truck looks good , you guy barely got any snow there , still got like 3-4 ft here in the yard .
  6. belltech street shocks are pretty good ones i believe, lots of guys running them
  7. corsa magnaflow or borla is what id suggest
  8. still wanna do a new body style reg cab short box chevy slammed with a big front mount turbo .
  9. looks awesome , lovin the visor to, be cool if hes running a ls engine in it to .
  10. welcome man just over in sask here
  11. hmmm i donno man. maybe we just get worse times up here in canada ahahahah jk . drag racing has alot of diff factors into what your time can be at .
  12. hahah ya i did , spark plugs werent gapped right also my fuel pump was lackin and eventualy burnt out on me , everythings fixed now and running way stronger just havent been back to the track yet .
  13. http://www.SilveradoSS.com/forums/topic/74421-the-long-awaited-borla-sound-clip/ borlas here love em
  14. ok got to work on er today , turned the key on no noise at all from the pump this time , thought it might be the fuse swapped it out and nothing yet , took the filter of to and its clean so ive come to the conclusion the pump is junk . took the bed off this afternoon gonna take the pump out tomorow and see what i can find.
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