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  1. I must rant for a while. I live where it snows a lot. I have snow tires for my SS and my wifes Mustang. The Mustang does great in the snow with the snow tires. It goes places my 2wd S-10 didn't go! The Stock SS tires suck in the snow. You can go, but you can't stop. A good set of Bridgestone Winter Duelers and you can go and stop fast! With the snow tires, the SS is in it's element! Talk about FUN!! We both get very upset at the idiots that drive around at 25 MPH when there is a little snow, and slide all over the place. You can tell they don't have snow tires, and are s
  2. The only thing I dislike is the mileage. I just turned 38,000 miles (1 1/2 years old). The only mods I have are a Westers computer tune (gets rid of TM and faster) and SNOW TIRES in the winter. Yes, the awd is great, but if you live where it snows, there is nothing like a good set of snow tires. All in all, I LOVE this truck. It does everything very well, include support the oil companies
  3. I had the recurculation motor go out on mine. It made a sound like what you describe. If you have the manual controler, try pushing the recurculation button and see if that changes the noise.
  4. Do you have a stock filter or aftermarket? Stock Do you think a 4" tube would be as effective? no. I didn't test it, but I would think bigger would be better. a 9" tube will just fit over the break duct. If I had one that big, I would use it. I did a little basic math. With no friction, or compressibility loss, the velocity of the air in a 4" tube with a 394ci engine at say 4000 rpm is around 60 MPH. With a 6" tube that speed drops to around 35 MPH. To me, that meens you need to be doing over 60 MPH at 4000 rpm to make true ram air with a 4" ram air tube. Increase it to 6"
  5. Yes. Duct taped them for now. Will build a plate later.
  6. Just to say it again 100 LL aviation gas has more led than the old ledded gas at the local gas station. Put it in your truck to make sure your O2 sensors die, and your cat fills up. With extended running, you will foul plugs with led, and end up with a lot of deposites on your valves. DO NOT USE 100LL in your truck, unless you have put in a different engine built for ledded fuel. Jet fuel, JP4, 5, Jet A, B, what ever, is just a little different than desiel, which is almost like kerosen. Put it in a piston engine, built for petrol, and wait about 3 minuits for the explosion. D
  7. FalconPilot

    Top Speed

    Don't you loose torque to the ground when you shift into a higher gear? You loose the mechanical advantage of the gears. When I ran the #s with my SS, there was no way (stock) to go faster in 4th. The torque dropped off to well below the 3rd, 5800 rpm drag induced top speed. A shift into 4th would have ment slowing down. The only way with my stock SS to make it go faster in 4th would be a SC or Nitrous, or something else to give me a lot more power. Like 100 more. I say stock, I have a westers tune
  8. FalconPilot

    Top Speed

    reflash your computer to get around 120. With some basic tuneing, you can get just under 130 with everything else stock. Of course, don't drive that fast on public roads A 1 1/2 mile long runway works very well
  9. I can not take credit for this mod. It has been done before, but I have real numbers to back it up. The testing was done with a G-tech, averaging 4 bi-directional runs. I now have a sub 15 second SS with a cap on the back. The only other mod is a Westers tune. Average times: 0-60 6.45, 1/4 mile speed 93.5, 14.93 seconds at 50 deg f, 100% humidity, wet surface, 560' above sea level, 3007"hg altimeter. After messing around with different intake configurations, (stock and aftermarket) I finally came up with one that works. Remove the plate under the stock air box. Cut a 6" hol
  10. I have been involved with the King Cobra since it first came out. I was sent the first system from Tburne. To make a long story short, I did get a very small increase measured by the G-tech. This is after many talks and new systems (including the newest one) from the owner of Vara Ram. It takes a lot to get it to fit right, but there is a small increase in power.
  11. I did. They replaced my front diff and it runs quieter than I ever remember. I found chunks on the magnet of the drain plug of the front diff. An axle retaining clip had broke and trashed all the bearings. 29,000 miles the dealer was great and fixed it in as soon as they got the parts.
  12. Did they fix your tailgate? I had the same thing happen, but did not see the small dents (thank goodness they are small) until after they put the old style cable back on. They said the new cables are still not out in my area. I need to ask how they plan on fixing the dents on my truck.
  13. I just got my new one, yesterday (or so my wife said, I am out of town) From what she said, it has a hole in the top and bottom of the airbox. The ram air goes in the top. The bottom has a velocity stack on it. I don't know what makes the ram air stay in when there is an extra hole in the box, but they say it works. There is a 1/4" thick foam-oil filter in the box. Patrick from Vara ram said he was not getting enough flow with the origonal system. It looks like he fixed that problem! When I get home, I will install it and post results from the G Tech. Again, Tbyrne and Vara R
  14. I agree. Tom has been great. He has worked very hard to make sure I have been happy with my stuff. We are all still wondering about the adds! Real world results on an SS? Did you miss my post on the ram air intake? Yes, I made a typo and called it a King Kobra, but I worked very hard to get a good, real world test done. To make a long story short, the origonal system did not work on my SS. I got my money back, plus they are sending me a new updated system for free to try out! Again, I will post my results with the G-tech. Both Tom and Patrick from VR have been great. I was
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