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  1. Spotted on 176th St. In spanaway around 1030 ish at night
  2. Blue ss with black 22 reps? Black bowtie louvres and grill?
  3. I need to start getting back on the sight more often. Im in for the next meet!
  4. Sorry to hear that. I would love to play in a tourney like that
  5. Hi guys like the title says. Was wondering how to remove the covers on an 03 ss I have a rubbing noise coming from the inside and need to find out what's going on inside. Thanks in advance.
  6. hey guys I got it figured out! SHAWNSS you were right. I guess I wasn't tugging hard on the battery cables! the negative cable was just loose enough to where it wouldn't touch the batter post! I tightened the hell out of it and the positive. never had it get loose on me before! thanks for everyones help!
  7. I will try that and get back to you! man this sucks I get back from a snowboarding to and come home to this shit! sucks ass!
  8. its been 5 years since i got it installed. never had an issue like this! this is brand new fuses are all good! imma get the schematic for my alarm and trace the wires!
  9. Sorry I forgot to mention that I did try and jump my vehicle and got absolutely nothing! I have no power, no lights, no alarm, no nothing! cables are tight and nothing else is wrong that I can see!
  10. How's it going guys! I have an issue on my vehicle and hope somebody can chime in! My vehicle is completely dead! My girl drove it on friday then on saturday she tried to start it and nothing happened! I was out of town for the weekend! Came home and tried to start the vehicle. there is absolutely no power to anything! nothing comes on horn doesn't work. no accessories at all! I checked the battery and its putting out 13 volts! I'm not the best in electronics and my last options are having it towed to best buy and have them take a look at the alarm system! I'm thinking its related to the alarm
  11. http://www.consolevault.com/chevrolet-silverado-floor-console-2003-2006.html I have one of these in my truck and love it! it has a combination and the bolts are inside the vault/safe!
  12. Well i dunno how to post from my ipad n im overseas just check out my fb profiles, name jerry rozul
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