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  1. Look up the part #'s, I have no idea.... never took them out of the packaging.
  2. Shackles sold. Sorry I'm not on here often... Drop me an email instead of pm. [email protected]
  3. Sorry insurance took the truck. no interior parts. Wheel are sold. Lowered the prices on some pieces.
  4. Cleaning house, truck got totaled and now I have some stuff i need to sell. MAKE OFFERS! I'm not on here often anymore. Pleas email me [email protected] Location: Stamford, CT Wheels are SOLD. Volant intake. SOLD Lightly used 2" McGaughys shackles, SOLD Stock 03 PCM, UN-tuned. ASKING $60 Shipped. Peripheral ipod interface kit, SOLD PAC OS-2C-bose brand new in package asking $80 shipped. (PAC SWI-PS SOLD) 3 Piece engine covers. SOLD I'm sure I'll find more stuff laying around and it'll be listed up.
  5. I had two tires on the SS wheels get slashed before the winter so i bought these and put them on. Still have the SS rims with two brand new general grabbers and two a couple seasons old (295/50r20) Going to put them up for sale when i get a chance If any one on the forums grabs this, feel free to contact me about it. Still has a trailblazer converter in it, under drive pulley, new msd wires and ngk plugs, and couple other things i couldn't snag before it was taken.
  6. Had a bad wreck Easter morning. Long story short, someone came into my lane and i swerved to avoid them, lost control, almost rolled it..... luckily the rear bumper caught a pole at the right angle and put it back down on all four. Walked away with only bumps and scratches. They kept driving Managed to find out where insurance sent it..... http://www.copart.com/c2/truck_auction_search_results.html?_eventId=getLot&execution=e1s5&lotId=15653002&returnPage=SEARCH_RESULTS Already replaced the truck with a 2011 Avalanche LT Z71 I'll still continue
  7. My friend just bought a GoPro hd, we decided to give it a shot on my truck.... A lot of wasted time in this one, but decent quality to it. One launch, and one roll and some cruising with the cutouts open, and some down shifting letting it spit flames out the cutouts http://youtu.be/tdEIRVNZDDQ -Neil
  8. Nscott

    C6 Efans?

    I'm with you, it's not gonna happen. Thanks for the advice guys
  9. Nscott

    C6 Efans?

    It's a 08 tbss, it's tuned into his pcm. It is PWM controlled (just asked him). It appears that their is a power wire, a ground wire, and one to the pcm.
  10. Nscott

    C6 Efans?

    I know that they're a two speed fan, He has the a full wiring harness I'm getting with them too. I'm going to have to modify the bracket to get it to fit. I know I'm going to have to re-tune for them also, just want to make sure they're wont be a problem tuning these.
  11. Nscott

    C6 Efans?

    Hey guys, A friend of mine has decided to part out his TBSS and sell it. He is willing to sell me his C6 fan kit for a steal.... I've done some looking around and it doesn't appear that anyone has installed one of these on our trucks Any reasoning on why or why not too use them? Thanks, Neil
  12. I got too many pairs of the real ones..... Love my pit boss's
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