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  1. If it is the same truck i am glad to see it went to a good home and a lot of the stuff i pulled off of it before i traded it in has been replaced. Cmoney a quick way to tell is it is the same truck is mine had dual magnaflow mufflers that dumped out right in front of the rear passenger tire and i painted the SS logo on the headrests silver to make them standout more.
  2. It was traded into a ford dealership in Jackson, MI.
  3. I sold my SS back in 2011 in Michigan and was just curious if by chance anyone on here now owns it the VIN was 2GCEK19N431377671. It was an '03 Arrival Blue SS.
  4. oh that poor truck and to think it only has 53,XXX miles on it. So much potential wasted on a drunken one night shopping spree at autozone and a midnight install only to realize what he had done in the moring so he decided to cut his loss cause there was no recovering it.... poor truck at least it was a red one LOL
  5. one was just posted with 27K miles and looks to be in amazing condition!
  6. BUMP new price $600 plus shipping great deal at this price!!!
  7. New price Bump $650 plus shipping!!!
  8. I am locatig in Norfolk, Virginia and amazon does have them for $564 but that doesnt include the $100 wiring harness or the $35 mounting kit mine does let me know if you are interested I will flex on the price but not all the way to 564
  9. BUMP come on someone is in the market for a great radio that all you have to do is plug in and mount. shoot me a resonable offer you never know i may just say yes!!
  10. I pulled the radio out of my truck and no longer need it it is a Pioneer AVIC-X940BT and has in dash navigation and Bluetooth and is HD and XM ready with the proper adapters. It has been bypassed already so you can make navigation changes while moving or watch a DVD(not recommended though). With the sale I am including the metra mounting kit and gmos-04 wiring harness if you are wanting to put in a Silverado or gm all you will have to do is plug it in. I do not have the steering wheel control adapter though as I did not want one. The head unit will come in the factory box with all that was inc
  11. Looks great Jon coming along very well and fast might I add can't wait to see the end result!! Subscribed for sure!!!
  12. BUMP updated price pics will be up in the morning
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