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  1. Yeah, that was a fast sale. Perfect timing on that one.
  2. Transfer case is SOLD !!! Thank you Tim.
  3. I have the stock 4L65E transmission from my Silverado SS. I pulled it out when it had about 12K miles on it and replaced it with a FLT built unit. I kept it as a spare or in case the FLT ever had an issue. This transmission never gave me any problems. Had a transgo HS2 shift kit and servos installed when it had about 8K miles on it. Shifted nice and firm when pulled. $750 plus shipping. Also have a stock AWD transfer case for a Silverado SS. I kept this thing around as a spare in case I ever had issues with my stock case. Turns out I never needed it. So right now, its just been ta
  4. Thats funny. Brian does like to have fun. He may come off as a jerk, but thats because ... well.... But one thing is for sure, he will take care of you. I bought a used Radix a few years ago. I called and left him a message needing a few parts for the install. When he called me back, he starts acting like a police detective looking for stolen auto parts. Had me going for an instant.
  5. Kevin, did you ever find any more info out about this? Just curious. You bought a spare T-case didn't you? I have an extra one if you ever need it.
  6. Yeah, I messed something up in my transfer case once and think something minor may be wrong with the front diff too. I was turning left from a stop and had to get on it hard to merge with traffic. I lost rear traction in gravel and full torque hit the front wheels on the pavement with the wheels turned. Immediately I could feel and hear a grinding noise in the drivetrain, but it kept going. In a straight line, it was OK, but any turns would cause some severe grinding. I had the T-case rebuilt under warranty, but didn't get to ask the tech what went wrong. Sorry about your bad luck.
  7. Yes, it is AWD. Sorry for the slow reply, I was out of town last week on business. I've had several people PM me about the truck. I'll try to get some pictures this evening when I get off work.
  8. Don't forget about the fuel line block on the rail is different for an 04+ model. That part has two fuel lines for the 03 and older models and only one for the 04+ years. Someone else on here had to buy the complete box 2 kit to get that part, for over $2000 direct from magnusson (which also comes with the fuel pump).
  9. Verch - where are you located? I have an 03 black SS for sale. 21,9xx miles in great shape. Never wrecked, non smoker. I changed jobs a while back and now have a company car, so the SS no longer gets driven. I've been dragging my feet on selling it because I don't want to regret it. Its almost completely stock as it sits right now. Its a naturally fast truck I'd think. When I first bought the truck, it ran upper 13s with bolt-ons. I added a Radix and ran low 12s the first time (and only time) I took it. I removed the performance parts over a year ago. It has a billet grill
  10. I have an 03 with 21k miles. Black, with XMradio, no on-star. I rarely drive it but haven't been very motivated to sell it either. I realize its a bit far to Reno, but I'll work with you on shipping.
  11. I've got a black 2003 SS for sale. Very low miles - (21,700 miles), non-smoker, stock with exception of mild cam. Disclosure: Overall in very good shape. I had a Radix on it and it ran GREAT. No issues there. Its been back to stock for the past year. One minor "shopping cart" style ding on the passenger bedside, about the size of a quarter. Mobile dent doctor could fix it. Bed interior is perfect since its been under the bedrug the whole time I've had it. Tailgate cover is scuffed some along the top from normal use, but just about everyones here is too. Needs a good detail and w
  12. Yes, sale pending with shadowsniper3006.
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