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  1. Yes sir. In the middle of a deal right now, so if that doesn't go through, you're up if you're interested.
  2. I packaged it together, in my eyes, very well. So with that being said, they'll be sold together. That is unless I'd be making considerably more separating them, which I highly doubt. Thank you though.
  3. It's a Shiba Inu, weighs 20lbs and she sheds 90lbs of fur (probably not a scientific fact). A month ago the carpet is just her hair. I have to vacuum every day. She usually just sleeps but gets the urge to kill.
  4. Thanks guys, I may check over there if it doesn't sell here. I'm not opposed to you linking it over there, but I'd have to create a username and all that jazz and while I'm not active on this forum, or any for that matter I've never screwed anyone over - I know how it is with the '1st post' newbie to the forum with people being skeptical.
  5. ------------sold sold sold sold sold sold sold sold---------------------------------------------------------- sold Hey all, So I've had this Corsa Sport Muffler and Corsa tip sitting around since September of 2008. I bought it off another person here on the forum then, his name was WillMcEliece. I don't know if he is still around. It came from him hardly used, and I had big plans that I never got to. It has been sitting in my spare bedroom since I moved in May of 2009 and before that it sat on my bedroom floor. I was going to do a custom set up, but I hardly drive my truck and just r
  6. Local exhaust shop is non existent really. Get ripped off by auto repair places it seems, but I suppose I could have them look at it and charge me a ridiculous amount to do that too. Was thinking this as well, but the connector on the back piping is rusted out as well and I can only imagine the one coming from cats to the muffler may be as well. I didn't pay attention to that section when I was under it
  7. The last section of my stock exhaust system rusted out to the connection to the muffler and the muffler has a hole in it too, wondered why it was getting so loud. Anyways, I was looking for an all right cat back exhaust system, not to expensive as I'm thinking of selling in the spring - was curious on what part numbers for flowmasters or maganflows would work or better yet how I can search those up as nothing ever shows specifically for 2004 Silverado SS. There is the Extended Cab short bed 5.3L or then the 2500HD 6.0. Which one would I select to get the part number from/exhaust system? Just w
  8. Zath

    RST Spoiler

    Winter Project Sale $20 off - $180 shipped
  9. Up for $30 off - $210 shipped - winters coming.
  10. Well, further research I do think my stock AMP is toast and need to replace it soon as I can not stand not having music in my truck when driving. The location is invading me and any search to find it. Is it behind the head unit or is in under the Center console aka have to remove it to get to it? Also, before I do that I'd at least like to check the ground wire, which if I'm not mistaken there is one on the passenger side somewhere, location is also unknown. Usually do searches for information and apparently can not find it even though it's probably here, so just would like to know. Thanks in
  11. Last bump or I'll just keep it and sell it with the truck when the time comes
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