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  1. hey Krambo I was trying to set my scanner up accordingly for you great Idle Tuning write up. Can I please have that Scanner attachment somehow. I cannot open it at all. I am trying my best! 

    1. ND Runna

      ND Runna

      I got it now after some research thanks 

  2. Love it! You will have 9's. slowly dial her in. Running the colder plugs now?
  3. Agree, the codes will get you to the answer. Post up the codes and the group will comment for sure.
  4. Krambo


    Eddie!!! hope all is well. And you are rocking the 65E no less!
  5. I never had the issues you are experiencing and I had my battery disconnected for long periods of time often. Do you have modifications? If so, the original tune may be way off and it does take some time for the long trims to level out but not weeks. All of your control sensors (O2 sensors, Intake temp, ECT etc.) may have to be replaced along with a standard tune-up. If you have someone around with logging software, it would shed light on your issues rather quickly...
  6. A pound or two of extra boost going from a 3.2 to a 3.0 isn't going to be the death nail for your engine as long as the tune is correct. 124k miles, as long as the engine was taken care of, isnt an excessive amount. dcarins must be over that by now and he was like the original Radix blown SS back in 03.
  7. Looking good. Congrats on the purchase!
  8. Krambo


    Justin has the experience and will get you dialed in to where you want to be. Or buy some tuning software and learn the trade...
  9. Krambo

    2003 ss value

    I have been seeing under 10k in so-so shape. Most are using them as trucks so scratches in bed, mudflaps, mud tires seem to be common on them now ☹️
  10. Yes Russ K is an expert. His advice is skattered throughout the initial write up. Everyone tunes differently so pick up as many theories as you can.
  11. Post up the meet! If I am free, I will be there! Whats up Niko?! Hope all is well.
  12. Krambo

    10.83 @ 127

    Props man...10's is an accomplishment!
  13. ...I have been shamed! LOL! Yea, just noticed the posting dates. Being that I only stop in from time to time, I feel compelled to at least say something.
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