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  1. Thanks. Since we'are dead right now because no body wants to buy tires in this weather, we are taking it apart.
  2. i think you did i a good on the choice. I think everyone has questioned this before, including me. 06 with a reflexxion hood is my choice.
  3. its a 2.8. geting ready to tear it up right now
  4. i kinda like the stripes but i am not going to copy. The ony thing im looking at doing the same is the stance and the color.
  5. hahah. I honestly didnt think it was real. I didnt even take my trailer but i called the guy and went to his house to give it a shot. We test drove it and it runs fine. Normal tear and wear of a 25 year old car (25 years is consider a classic right?). Every one has asked me if the guy was drunk lol. He was an awesome older gentleman.
  6. Alright my friends, i know this is a silverado website but its the same brand so here it goes. Yesterday i was looking on craiglist and for some reason i decided to see what camaros were on sale. So long story short i found a 1986 camaro for 200 bucks. I didnt think much of it but i click on it just the fun of it. This thing has no rust. Interior is in great shape. Not one crack on the dash. So i go and look at it and its real!. 39xxx original miles for 200 bucks. i hand him the money he gives me the keys and title. All of this happened within a matter or 3 hours. Well now i want to strip it a
  7. REALLY? lol its going to suck to wait. At least give us a clue of what it will be.
  8. agree. just clear up some rubber. Good job by the way
  9. cant wait for the pics!!! congrats by the way
  10. im not considered a vendor on here but tell me what size and ill look it up
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