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  1. If anybody knows someone who may be interested please let them know! I'm trying to sell before I go to college as I can't bring my car with me! Thanks again!
  2. 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L V8 Vortec Engine I am selling my 2001 Chevy Tahoe. The truck is immaculate; best looking truck I have seen around my area. The engine has almost 115,000 on it but brand new injectors and all top end gaskets and o-rings were replaced last month. Injectors flushed every service and she runs like a charm. I put a brand new Eaton Posi rear-end in at 113,500 and a new tranny was put in at 85,000. I've provided an overview of what the truck has to offer below- really is the best looking truck, especially Tahoe, I've seen around! It is the forest gree
  3. I just completed the uninstall of my polished Radix Magnacharger Supercharger and its ready to be shipped out to a lucky new owner! The supercharger has been on my 01 Tahoe for the past 15,000 miles and is in Mint condition! I'm just returning my truck to stock as I head off to college. I'm looking to get $4,000 as it was almost $7,000 new without the install. Great unit and gives 01-06 GM truck TONS of power! Great deal! Have pics if desired.
  4. I'm taking the supercharger off on Wednesday and it will be ready to go! Comes complete with all components and superchips programmer. Great unit! Don't miss out!
  5. Yes, 5.3L on 01 Tahoe. I talked to a guy who has his stock intake manifold off from an 04 chevy but he wasn't sure whether or not it'd fit because 01's have a fuel return system (or somthing like that) and he wasn't sure if the fuel rod's in the 04 was different. Just wanna make sure before I go ahead and do it! Thanks!
  6. Will a 2004 Chevy intake manifold fit on and work correctly on a 2001 Chevy engine? Thanks in advance for any input!
  7. I'm taking off my radix intercooled magnacharger supercharger off my 01 Tahoe, however, I do not have any of the stock parts to replace back to original setup! Anybody know/ have a list of stock parts that I am going to need/ know any way I can get these parts for a pretty good price? Thank you!
  8. I'm taking off my magnacharger supercharger from my 01 Tahoe but don't have any of the stock parts I need to put back on! Anybody know what stock parts I need to get before I take my supercharger off?! Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. I'm taking my magnacharger supercharger off my 01 Tahoe, but don't have the original stock parts (intake manifold, etc.) and need them! Anyone have a box of parts from when they put their magnacharger on they wouldn't mind getting rid of! Thank you!
  10. If interested in Pics I have some- need E-mail addrsses. Thanks.
  11. Anyone interested: I'm taking off my magna charger supercharger off my 01 Tahoe in the next couple weeks. Will fit any GM 4.8/ 5.3/ 6.0L truck or SUV. It was installed in June of 2005, so only about 15,000 miles on supercharger. Polished finish looks brand new- very clean. Operates flawlessly, very smooth and consistent and sounds great! Lots of power! Any interests welsome and I'll get some pictures of actual supercharger soon, but looks like a charm! Thanks!
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