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  1. It is sad to say that I just signed the title over for my Sierra. It is going to a good home though(my brother). Right now I don't own a vehicle. I am borrowing my parents 04 Zq8 Colorado for the mean time. I will probably be going back to another Silverado/Sierra. I really want to look into getting a crew cab, but I don't want to downgrade to a 5.3. So I possibly might be getting a 05 and up Sierra Denali. Not leaving here though. I plan on modding my next truck so I will be sticking around to learn stuff. Oh and if you are wondering I didn't have to get rid of it. It is just something I deci
  2. I believe yours should have the sport suspension. My truck had the sunroof also as you can see in my signature.
  3. Also I think the sport suspension one only comes with a 10 bolt rearend while the one's with the tow package come with a 14 bolt.
  4. There are three different 2wd Vortecmaxes from what I understand. One crew cab with 17's, tow package and 3.73's. Second one being a ext cab with 17's, tow package, and 4.10's. And finally a ext cab with 20's, sport suspension package, and 3.73's. The ones with the tow package come with shock stiffening button and the sport suspension package comes with a traction control button.
  5. Was getting on a interstate on ramp tonight and got behind a black Dodge Ram. It had tailpipes coming straight out the back and the rear bumper was notched around them and also it didn't look like he had leaf springs. I assume this is a new Hemi? Anyhow we were both merging on to the interstate while I stomp on it to go around him. Well he stomps on it too. I slowly pull up to him and then we both let off. He then stomps on it again so I do the same a split second later and I started pulling on him. I couldn't see him, but I bet his wasn't very happy that he was getting pulled on by a 5 year
  6. I don't understand the title? What is 11 years later?
  7. Only tips I have is that it can be hard to get the fittings on before the bends in the tubing and also to make sure you have a couple 22mm wrenches with you. I ended up using a hacksaw to cut the tubing right before the flange due to the tubing cutters not getting close enough. I then deburred the lines and blew them out with compressed air.
  8. Sorry for the wait guys. I installed the lines a couple weeks ago, but had issues getting the pictures off of my camera. One week after installation I had a issue with a oil leak from one of the fittings. It was a hot day and I floored it and the oil pressure went around 80 and one an fitting started leaking. I tightened the fittings and have had no more issues. Overall it was a smooth installation. This is what the factory barb looks like after cutting the crimp off. By sierravmax06 at 2011-04-30 By sierravmax06 at 2011-04-30 By sierravmax06 at 2011-04-30 Three of the fou
  9. I now have everything I need. Now I just need to wait for the weekend! By sierravmax at 2011-04-05
  10. My oil cooler lines have been leaking for quite a while now. I have looked into buying new ones from the dealer or getting new ones custom made. I was leaning towards getting new ones custom made due to the factory ones not lasting long before they leaked. I just can't see myself throwing down $140 for something that is going to leak again. Plus it seems to be a very common problem for the factory lines to leak at the crimps. I have contacted a few hydraulic line shops in my area and some said they couldn't make them and others couldn't give me a straight answer and sent me somewhere else.
  11. Thanks guys. I think it is fixed now. The reason I found the clamp off the reservoir is because my truck started running hot last week and the fans kicked into high speed. I fixed that and topped it off. What I think happened is I had a air pocket in the system and it took a while to work it out. I topped it off yesterday and now it is staying level. I am watching like a hawk though.
  12. Thanks man! I had a great b-day! Girlfriend made me breakfast, took me out to dinner, and made me a cake with 31 candles. lol
  13. Are you talking about a compression test? The actual coolant system seems to be holding the pressure.
  14. Was it where the pump mounts to the block?
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