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  2. B Worst advice I have ever read
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  4. As I recall, you also need to have the mirror selector switch set to the middle position.
  5. You need to push it to left in order to fold try that let me know ok
  6. Maybe I should part my Intimidator out and stuff the drivetrain into something older. 😉 Just selling the Intimidator-specific parts should pay for the project vehicle to transplant into! Richard
  7. Offering honeycomb design bumper insert
  8. For ever some reason people on here don't like flow masters is crazy Flo sounds good on my SS
  9. 2003-2005 came with awd and 4.10s 2003-2004 all came with center console in front There are very few SS that were AWD with a front bench seat in 2005 i think your best bet is just finding a regular awd ss and replacing that console with a jump seat.
  10. What year(s) did the SSS have 6 passenger seating, awd and 4.10 gears? Sold my 2007 Chevrolet Classic SS rwd and wanted another SSS but with front bench seat (seating for 6) to tow my boat, use in the snow, sand drag race, trash to the dump, etc. Thanks!
  11. Well after the whole deer incident I have her all back together but in search for a grill… can someone hook a brother out? I’m coming across either wrong mesh … small diamond,large honeycomb, small honeycomb, non oem, $300 to ship… wtf give me a text calla pict I know there’s one out there.. thanks brothers and sisters
  12. ISO Arrival Blue or Victory Red Silverado SS. Something less than 100,000 miles an unmolested would be nice. Thanks!
  13. I did find some rear in Silver, but without fronts the whole thing does me no good. Thanks again for any help! Tim
  14. I spoke to Rudy, he has some brackets but is away until mid August. To anyone that has done this lately where are you getting calipers or is there a new part # I have tried to get Silver or Yellow but they are not available. Any help is appreciated.
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  16. At the rate I get rear ended ( Four times in 18 years)... that would get expensive ;D How does that work? Does the bumper pivot down with the tailgate?
  17. Hey dudes, I had an idea. Anyone ever notice that roll pans make our trucks look like they have flat butts? No one makes NASCAR style roll pans. What I mean is a mini bumperette. who would get one? I for one would, no truck deserves a flat butt from the 90’s. kinda like this: https://theracingwarehouse.com/product/24-raphael-lessard-2021-gms-bumper/
  18. Yes, those super heavy duty clutches are really noisy. Went through that trying to cool my 64 Impala. You may as well bolt the fan to the pulley.
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