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22” SS rep centre cap issue


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*1st photo is the 22” rep and the 2nd photo is a factory 20”*

I got a set of SS centre caps and they don’t correctly fit because there’s no ridge for the tabs to grab on to, the centre of the rep wheel is carved and bowl shaped.

when I push the cap down half pops into place but the other half wants to come out because there’s no where for the tabs to go. 

I’ve asked on Facebook groups and looked all over the Google, I’m assuming the worst and I’ll probably have to cut the tabs and silicone it to the wheel or something ridiculous.




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I ran into this issue recently when I bought 22s reps.. my oem caps wouldn’t Clip into the rep wheels so what I did was put some electrical tape around each tab on the oem caps and then put them on… they have stayed on so far after a few months already.. other option would be to use a torch and heat up each tab and bend them out a bit until they can grab onto the clip ring on the wheel… I also have the 20s oem wheels on my single cab and I decided to put the replica caps on those… for replica caps on oem wheels, all u gotta do is trim off some plastic around the tabs on the rep cap and those do Clip onto the oem wheels..👍🏼

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