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Checking back in...It's been a while

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Seeing who all we still have from the originals in here! I still have my truck, although in need of a little TLC but not too bad for an 18 year old truck. I also noticed the new format of the website that erased all of my profile pictures and write up... I'll need to see if I can find any of it to get back to normal 😁

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I check in pretty infrequently.  I think I joined back in 04 as that is the year of my SS.  Which I bought new in 04.  It now has around 60,000 miles and doesn't get driven often.  She is still completely bone-stock, Victory Red.  It is a little sad to see how the interest in these trucks has waned.

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Still doing good :)  I guess the truck is getting to the age (150k) where odds and ends need repair.  Had to replace the steering gearbox recently.  On my third transmission rebuild now 😕  Broke the input shaft somehow.   

I have been getting it repainted on the installment program. One accident at a time.  just got rear ended a few months ago.  Minor bumper damage to me, trashed the front end of the mini van that did not stop in time.  But that got me the bumper, tailgate and right rear quarter repainted.

But it is getting expensive to keep, between the gas prices here in California to the $400+ registration each year.  

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Holy hell man, registration $400/year!  I just renewed the wife's silver '06 and my 300 SRT8, $75/each, as well as the $25/ea inspection/smog check.  The Intimidator is good for another couple months.  At 142K I just had to throw another battery at it, the 4.5-year old Odyssey bit the dust with no warning.  In a hurry I improperly diagnosed it as the 3.5-year old was-new-but-Chinesium-AC Delco starter going bad because the battery "looked" OK on the charger, but it must have a weak cell.  Threw a starter on it for no good reason, so now I've got a good spare on the shelf..

Surprised the steering box needed replacement on you at 150K.  Knock on wood, mine seems fine, but I've got another couple ball joints to do.  Gotta do ball joints and intermediate steering shaft on the silver truck.


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Wow man! That's crazy... I've been doing the nickel dime stuff too... My oil pump started bypassing everything so I lost oil pressure... replaced that... Started to go into limp mode when I hit boost... hearing the tinging from the cats so I'm sure they're in pieces and plugging it up... I had gone through 6 4l60's and finally did the 4l80 conversion... it was getting very expensive.

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