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Black AWD 2003 Silverado SS FS (06 Hood/Grille)


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Black 2003 AWD, right around 160k miles, stock other than Magnalow muffler and 22” silver powedercoated reps. OEM 06 hood and grill swap and new paint about 3-4 years ago. The site will not let me upload pics from my phone  (files are too large). Text 504-858-2394 and I can send pics. You can check out my profiles under the same name on TBSSOWNERS, LS1TECH and Performancetrucks. The truck isn’t PERFECT but runs. I’m asking $8,900. I’ll try to post photos when I get home.


1. Paint isn’t PERFECT

2. OEM Radio cuts in and out, speakers need to be replaced.

3. Dash cracks, saggy headliner.

4. Stained carpet and torn drivers seat.

5. A/C isn’t consistent, it works sometimes.

6. Tailgate handle is broken.

7. Condensation in both front turn signals.

8. Cluster stepper motors need to be replaced.

9. Truck is old and mostly original. I believe that I’m the second owner, the truck has been sitting for past few years and only gets driven on the weekend, MAYBE once a month.

10. Truck needs a tune since the cats are gone.


1. Newer/low mileage wheels and tires 

2. New tint and tinted tails/cab light.

3. Truck looks good from 10’ and rides good, it’s a decent driver truck.

4. Mostly original. TRUE SSS

I may be leaving a few things out. I can send photos/videos to anyone seriously interested.









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Seems like a decent price for a driver, a lot of those items are pretty easy/inexpensive to repair.  Cluster steppers, front signal housings, tailgate handle, radio, headliner, carpet, not all big deals and a few hundred bucks/couple weekends of work.  Dunno about the A/C but could be as simple as a flaky pressure switch or maginally low refrigerant.

Anyway good luck on the sale, someone gonna snap it up and have a good truck with a little work.


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