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2003 from Southeast Georgia

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Hey everyone my name is Evan I am 31 & from southeast Georgia. Big into music, guns, racing/shows, & anything to keep busy. I recently got out of the tuner scene, selling my 03 supercharged 6 speed tiburon (third one I owned) I built for road racing & decided to get another Silverado like I had a few years ago before it was totaled. 
I’ve only had this 03 for 2-3 months. It was stock except for being lowered & having the new 5 spoke rims on it. Whoever had it before took very good care of it. Since I’ve had it I’ve done the routine things like removed all badges, 20% tint, replaced the head, tail & third brake lights with tinted ones; LEDs in all upfront, installed fog lights, black billet grills, wrapped bow tie in CF, tailgate brake LED strip, locking tailgate, replaced jump seat with center console from tahoe, installed pioneer double din & two Memphis 10’s in a pro box. Black with chrome rings gauge cluster bezel, Escalade  gauge face, blue needles with silver base, replaced stock gauge bulbs with cool white LEDs. Herculiner bed liner I’ve yet to put down. Overall it’s a very clean & great truck. I’m only interested in making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible & not as fast as possible. With that being said, I’ll probably only put an Air Raid intake on it, dual side exhaust & that’s probably all. 
The only real plans I have left is to finish murdering it out painting the front end & rear bumper, wrapping the rims gloss black with chrome outlined bow ties on the center caps, paint calipers,  replace headliner with dark grey material, sound deaden some areas, finish wrapping pieces in black and/or carbon fiber, eventually a tonneau cover and hopefully I’ll be able to come across a used hood for sale one of these days! Looking forward to being a member of this site. Cheers!


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So sorry for the delay Ace. 
2003 LS
Was completely  stock when I got it earlier this year (besides the drop in the ass)C3B19DD6-0E1A-4B3E-B1C6-9F07C49CF57F.jpeg.23e15aee46f8756c96561b87bf164e8b.jpeg1AE6AC6D-E102-434D-A336-9C4851C5C625.jpeg.bedd5e0f8c360835c8ec2f54feff81b2.jpeg

LED & Tinted Low Beams & Fog Lights. 
Diode Dynamics Switch Back Turn Signals. 
Black billet grill, with LED light bar behind. Wrapped  bow tie in carbon fiber.

Shorty gun metal antenna.
Going to paint the front bumper & chrome to finish murdering it out  431CAB52-1CD8-4A4D-916D-ACCE6558CCDC.jpeg.23e7405b7ea4e86c87f32ee857cd2784.jpeg

Black LED tails & third brake light. 

Painted dash trim a subtle two tone.

Pioneer Double Din. 

(This angel severely exaggerates the Metallic.)

Silver & Blue gauge needles, US Speedo black gauge cluster with chrome ring, Escalade gauge face. (Just need to get around to putting in the white LEDs & swapping out the stepper motors 

Originally ordered a Carbon Fiber cluster but promptly returned it when I saw the awful thing they called “carbon fiber”.



Replaced all the speakers with Memphis.

Two Memphis 10”s in a Probox. 

Replaced the useless NON-folding middle seat with a center console from Tahoe. 

Blue LED’s replaced all stock interior bulbs.



Plans:  Paint front end, wrap rims gloss black, CAI, black headliner, paint calipers & underbody, oil catch can, hood, Roll pan, Dual Side exit exhaust, tonneau cover, tune


Basically going to look like this when I’m done...

C29EE72D-4186-4FBC-AF5D-EE51A3F3D93A.jpeg.326fd188d0f23702ecb094473be328c6.jpeg And eventually a hood



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Not a bad looking truck... I also have a single cab truck that I would like to start working on it 👍



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