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anyone had luck ordering from tony?  One of his emails is no longer active, the other one has not answered, his phone message box is FULL and he has not reyurned a txt or call I spent 700$ at his store online and no answer on when my order will ship or i will get a refund?!

EDIT TO POST: 5/5/2020 my product shipped today, thank you tony.


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Bought from him twice, first a full drop kit for my SS a couple years ago and just a couple weeks ago a set of Belltech shocks for my SS.  Both times fast service and super helpful.  Sorry you're having trouble getting through?  Doesn't sound like him at all.  Several texts back and forth on the # listed on his store page where he double checked my application to be sure I got the right stuff the first time.  The only email communication this time was through paypal receipt and ship notices, so I dunno which email address is good, though the [email protected] is the one listed in paypal.


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he has gotten back to me, he must have just been very busy. I admit most of my work on the SS has come during the "lockdown" i can image many people are doing the same.

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