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Dodge Wheels on a Silverado - TPMS Questions


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This may be off topic on the SS forum but I was hoping someone could help me.  I sold my 2005 Silverado SS and bought a 2016 Silverado LT 1500 with 18 inch wheels.  Someone near me is selling a set of 2019 Dodge 20 inch wheels/tires that I believe will fit my truck.  He has Chevy center caps too.  My question is, will the TPMS in the dodge wheels be compatible with the system in my Silverado and will they read or calibrate automatically?  Thanks.

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I don't think the dodge TPMS can be programmed to the Chevy. I'm sure they have a different frequency. You could put your truck in re-learn mode by holding the check/okay button on the TPMS screen,  try letting out a couple pounds of air from the dodge wheels and see if it programs, or if you have a TPMS reader to set it off.

I do believe the 2019 Ram have gone to a 6 lug and for GM full size.

I remember seeing a 2019 Ram on 24" GM replicas.

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