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Mirrors wanted!


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Hey all,

ive owned my SS for 6 months or so now and have finally gotten most of the little imperfections and non oem parts that I did not like taken care of. So I am moving onto tweaking the more minor stuff.  Both of my exterior mirrors are a little beat up, one has a Sheetrock screw through it to hold it tight and the other wiggles around while driving which is very annoying.  Does anyone have any oem mirrors for sale or know where to get them? I’m assuming I can pop off my painted covers (black) so I would be interested in any colors.  

I can only find aftermarket ones online that do not have the puddle lights and I want to keep this as oem and full featured as possible.



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Any GMT800 truck with RPO DL3 would be a donor but IIRC those are only on the high-end trim level trucks (check high end Tahoes/Suburbans/etc.)  Power adjust, power fold, heated, signal, puddle light, auto-dim (driver's side - also called "light sensitive")... They're damn expensive new from the dealer, over $500/ea if you can find 'em.


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