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Another Exhaust Question/Opinion

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Im about to pickup a new to me 03 SSS AWD and I am so up in the air on exhaust.  Exhaust is one of the first things I want to do but not sure exactly which muffler or the right way to go about achieving my goal.  I like the sound of the Borla ProXS exhaust and I am thinking about either doing dumps before the axle or tips exit the side in front of the rear wheel.  From what I can tell the SSSs came with true dual all the way to the muffler and then single out.  Is my best option to get the 2 mufflers or a dual in/out, an xpipe, and do I just take everything to an exhaust shop?  Or, can I just cut/unbolt the old muffler and clamp in my own Borla Muffler(s)?

Future mods is going to be Speed Engineering LTs with their true dual x mid pipe (cats welded in), BTR stage 2 truck cam, tune, etc with other bolt ons.

What is everyone's opinion and/or advice?

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