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Anyone recommend Fiberglass Ram Air Hoods?

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I haven't been so active on the boards lately.  Had some more health and work issues.  Also keeping a 2008 Jetstream Blue C6Z06 nice and running.  But I still have my 2004 Arrival Blue SSS, which has reached an amazing 215,000 miles with great reliability!  In 2014 I replaced hood that had some rust around the latch hoop with a Cowl Induction hood from Street Scene thru Stylin Concepts.  Price was good at about $400 shippped, but still cost $700 after painting.  Unfortunately, being a double panelled hood for strength the paint could not coat between the panels and at 1.5 years it started rusting from the inside out, due to poor rust resistant coatings.  So I decided to go fiberglass.  I chose the Keystone Syling Good Hood last fall, but by the time I dealt with my wife's serious illness, Keystone discontinued it, Rats.  For functional fiberglass, I am down to RKSport, which looks nowhere near as nice as the GoodHood looked, OR the Amerihood which has a broad narrow 2 section scoop and some smaller air extractor louvers towards the back of the hood.

Anyone try either of these hoods, and if so what you thought about their quality and durability?  It is still a great driving truck, but needs some paint, so I need to get this going.



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