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03 ss silverado mostly stock has a po455 code i cant get rid of it.. Only other problem i noticed ( maybe unrelated) is it barfs up fuel on fillup..anyone know a fix

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Been fighting it myself.  I'll guess you probably already did the usual stuff like replace the gas cap, since the "tighten gas cap" error message is usually how this starts.  Then you may have replaced the evap solenoid and filter assembly, maybe with the revised design that has the remote filter.  I did that too.  Still get the P0455 code after a while.  Mine started doing the fuel burp / repeated shutoff of the gas pump while filling, but that eventually went away, dunno why...no rhyme or reason to it.  It was very annoying for a while to fill the truck up.

All that is left on my truck is replacing the evap / charcoal canister, or lifting the bed up to see if any of the related lines that run along the top of the tank got pinched or are broken or loose.  I wish you luck, maybe someone else has some suggestions...sure would like to fix this on mine and get rid of the check engine light.


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