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Dammit Boys

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AC been acting a little crazy off and on really for a couple of years. Rare though. But getting really bad lately with summer coming on.

I had an idea it was something to do with door actuators because I would hear one slam when you moved form air to heat

I know this can be a big problem to solve so I took it to the dealership.

Turned out a leak on the high side where I see what looked like new 4 or 5 inch line. A complete new heat and AC control in the dash.

Which looks awesome with the new brightness and all.

Anyway flush refill freon and yada yada. I drove off with with freezin ass air for a measly $1250.00.

Most money I've ever spent on repairs.

But what are you gonna do?

Gotta have air here.100+ daily coming up.

Back in the good ol daze I was scared of about 4 to 6 hundred.

Like my Bro in law sez, just be glad you had the money.    



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Dammm that’s a lot of coin just for that... I was worried my ac was going out last summer and took it in with a friend mechanic of mine and just turned out to be that one of the connections was loose and making bad contact... thank god I didn’t have to spend anything on that..

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