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Milwuakee Tools?


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I've been searching around the web and can't seem to find anything on this. I recently bought the new M12 Fuel stubby 3/8 impact wrench, and it's claimed to have a max torque rating of 250. I've used it on basic nuts and bolts I know are not even close to that and it couldn't get them off.

Does anyone here have that tool/similar experience?

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Milwaukee is the best power tool line you can get into. had a bunch of de walt garbage in my garage before them. 2 impact drivers had to be warrantied for basically going on fire. and the drill chuck on the drill wouldn't even hold a drill bit for a small hole. and the third impact driver smelt like it was burning whenever i used it. couldn't stand it anymore. i use the 1/4 hex driver all the time with a 3/8 adapter. it will take off just about anything under the hood besides suspension bolts.

theres tons of videos on youtube about the stubby's.


are you using an extension? impact sockets? there are 4 settings on the top of the tool. make sure you have it on 3. lol

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