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Who has the Z06 brake conversion installed and using it?.z zzz

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So a lot of you purchased The brackets to run the Z06 front 6 piston brake calipers and 4 piston rear brake calipers but I’m not seeing much of anything about them being installed! For those of you that did install them I would like to start up a thread here that discusses just that. If you have any tips or pointers or did anything different that worked out for You let's share that info with each other.   Also stuff like what pads and how they work, same thing with the rotors.

Websites,? part numbers, prices. Performance review. I know I’m  No not the only one out here curious 



Z06, big brakes, 6 piston caliper, stop, 

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21 hours ago, Bgreenard said:


Looking good! You went a step further and bought Baer Caliper I see. How much did those run you?  Do you know how thick your rear rotors are? I measured my new 14 inch rotors with the micrometer and they're only measuring .81. The stock ones on the truck are over an inch for sure. Idk the new ones are so thin. I'm starting to think they sent me the wrong ones.

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These are GM OEM C6Z06 calipers which are manufactured by PBR which is Baer.  I had the Baer Logo added when I had the calipers powder coated.


Baer Rotor 6910962 Front Driver Side
Baer Rotor 6920962 Front Passenger Side

Rotor Outside Diameter (in):15.00 in.
Rotor Thickness (in):1.100 in.


Baer Rotor 6910526 Rear Driver Side
Baer Rotor 6920526 Rear Passenger Side

Rotor Outside Diameter (in):14.00 in.
Rotor Thickness (in):1.025 in




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Put them on mine and pulled the. Right back off and sold them. Stocks worked just was good. After talking to a caliper manufacture they explained it to me that this is a old school way to get a bbk before all the companies were making them for trucks. Also that they are made to stop a 2500lbs vetted and not a 3500lbs truck. Yes they are 6 piston but not big pistons. I have a brembo bbk now and difference in piston size is crazy! It’s ok out of 50 I bet maybe 5 people actually did the conversion. I don’t think people look at the cost of the parts beforculling the trigger on the idea. I only did it because I bought all the Calipers On offer up for 200. If you search around you can find a Powerstop bbk for 150 or under. I have seen them for1200 on clearance. I’m not knocking dudes “ brackets” they are well built and hav kick ass hardwear. Would love to hear some other non biased opinions. That’s the other shitty part is someone will tell you they are great and the best thing in the world ,  just because they spent so much on them  but really they don’t even like them lol

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