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Android Headunit

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I'm thinking of replacing my Pioneer double din headunit with an Eonon GA2168K, 


Does anyone have an Eonon unit?  Pics? Likes? Dislikes?




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I just installed this head unit in my truck and everything works well, and it's a stable unit.  I've had other Android units in the past, and they weren't all that stable.  I'm a computer geek, but I don't want to have to reconfigure my stereo every time I get in my vehicle.  The large screen fits in the dash well, but the shifter handle blocks it when in park.  Not a big deal unless you are trying to do something before you pull out, like navigation.  

I would suggest you get some sort of cellular hotspot, or set your phone up to automatically turn hotpsot on when you connect to the stereo bluetooth.  The stereo really does need a constant wireless connection if you are doing anything other than listen to the stereo.  I've got a cellular hotspot installed in my truck and it's plugged (via USB) directly into the stereo, so it always has internet.  

The audio quality isn't amazing.  I've got a pretty loud exhaust on my truck, and the audio needs to be all the way up to hear it at highway speeds.  That may be due to a previous owner messing with the amp though, I still need to tear it apart to figure that part out.

You'll need a PAC Audio RP5-gm11 or similar integration harness, to retain steering wheel controls and chime, etc.  




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