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Droppin by to learn how to SS (from NE)

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Newbie post to explain why i am here.  Currently have a 03 SS in the beat lab that im doing some (a lot of) work to.  SO hopefully throughout this experience i can expand my knowledge by soaking up yours, as well as sharing what i have learned over the years.  Im (i guess) known for being biased toward LS based vehicles with turbos and have tinkered with a couple... With that being said the owner of the truck came to me wanting a couple lil turbos fabbed up. He is aiming for all function, worry about the fancy part later.  ill do my best to keep an updated log of the build process.  Constructive criticism is appreciated.  Thanks guys n gals. 

Teaser of the truck 



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My turd, that loves 20psi, going on 3 years now. stock 4.8 BorgWarner S475. E-85. same as every turbo ls fox




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My PB. which was my 4th pass at the track with the setup.  that was 4 or so years ago.  Shouldve been a 8 but track manager didnt like me going that fast with no parachute or NHRA license, so that was the last past i was allowed to make.  It makes a little more power now.  but no laundry or license yet...10731124_338401992999541_508596233474847758_n.thumb.jpg.f522fc6a654b156ef1665668d7d7c8af.jpg

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