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BSER SS Rollpan for sale

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I have a BSER rollpan for sale. As far as I know (as it's been some time since I bought it) these were a limited run of rollpans made specifically for the SS Silverado by a forum member here. I bought one because I was converting my single cab into an SS clone but life happened and I sold the truck instead. Now the thing sits in the box it shipped to me in while it takes up space in my garage.

Here is the thread about the rollpan where you used to be able to buy one. The forum member that makes them hasn't posted for awhile and it's unclear when he'll start producing them again.

I will sell this for the price I bought it for. $600 shipped.

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I'd put it on ebay. I got almost a $1000 for one with quite a bit of damage on it.

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