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Hello from Central Mass!!

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Picking up an '05 SS in Silver later this week from a family member of the GF.  To set the proper expectations, I think she is starting with the name




Every single cavity - cup holders, center console top, etc - is filled with nasty gunk.  If I could put a pressure washer to work on this interior, I would!

Transfer case is wasted.  Driving it and you get a massive clunk like the viscous is winding up and releasing.  They had it to a mechanic, who quoted $3500 to replace the transfer case.  I jokingly offered $500 at Thanksgiving.  She said they wanted $1K with 150K miles.  I didn't respond.  I also had ZERO experience with the vehicle, and was researching the truck and normal issues.  Found that the transfer case is the Achilles heel here and looked at prices of the required parts for worst case scenario as compared to the value of a decent SS.  So decided the next day to go see the truck.  I expected rot everywhere, cigarette burns in the leather, and a dent in the passenger door.   LOL  The driver's rocker needs to be replaced under the plastic cladding, and only a few bubbles starting over the rear wheels, but a lot better than I expected.  No dents in the metal, but the rear bumper cover needs to be replaced, and the front bumper cover / air dam is tweaked from her son hitting something at a low speed.  The cover isn't broken, but the metal underneath is tweaked.  Carpet in the rear is wet looking, and it looks like we have issues with the 3rd brake like seal and the vent seals.  So simple repairs (other than the rocker).

My thought was to just completely overhaul the transfer case - bearings/seals, case saver, new viscous, and a new back half.  Found parts to be about $950 online, which is better than the $1300-1500 for a rebuilt unit online.  I've rebuild the manual transfer case in my bronco, and a TON of other mechanical work, so I'm not afraid of any of it.  Just finishing up a 2-year rebuild on my kid's '83 GMC stepside.  Both kick panels, both inner and outer rockers, both inner and outer cab corners, and driver's floor (someone else did the firewall for the sake of time).  I figure my investment is completely protected - I can see the engine trans for more than I'm buying the truck for.  And I should be able to sell the transfer case for the cost of parts once rebuilt.  So I'll have an AWD vehicle to drive this winter instead of my RWD BMW 5-series.  If I decide to sell next summer, I'll maybe even make some money.

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