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E fan swap questions

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If this is posted in the wrong place I do apologize. Last night I did the e-fan swap & 145amp alt. I used a Nelson performance harness using pins 42 & 33 and 05+ factory e-fans from a junk truck. I bench tested both fans and they worked fine at both high and low speeds. After installation I let the truck idle for about 20mins and it never got up above 200° on the gauge drove around for about 10mins to see if that would produce something but still nothing. It's only about 50° out. Also I turned A/C on at start up for about 10 mins and neither fan come on that I know of. During the drive I watched the volt gauge for any drop and listened the best I could. I spoke with my tuner before I did the swap and he said I should be good to go as far as settings for the fans go. I'm guessing the thermostat opening is keeping the temp down enough and the fans are just not needed for cooling , but is this normal behavior for the a/c fan? I didn't turn the a/c back on after the initial 10 mins at start up in fear of messing the a/c up. Any info on how the behavior for the fans especially in regards to the  a/c would be appreciated. Thanks

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I have 2 Silverados one an SS and the other a shortbox clone with the 6.0 motor also, both programed. The Silverado SS extended cab the fans hardly come on, the short box comes on most of the time if I let it sit for a while but not driving. I think mine start up at about 210 degrees.

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