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WTB stock Silverado SS muffler

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I’m in southern California and looking for a stock SS muffler that somone wants to get rid of. 


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I still have my stock muffler.  I am not sure long the input and output pipes are.  When we took it off, we tried to keep as much of the pipe intact of the mid and tail pipes.  I will try to take some pics and then decide if I want to sell it.


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Here are some pictures.  Still trying to decide if I want to hang on to it or sell.  I currently have two 3 inch Dyomaxx Race Bullets that go into a 3 inch dual in/dual out Dynomaxx UltraFlo X.  It then goes into my original y-pipe and tailpipe combo.  The y-pipe portion had to be broke down and reclocked so the pipes were horizontal to line up with the UltraFlo X out pipes.  You probably remember that the stock muffler out pipes are cockeyed compared to horizontal as you can see in the pictures.  Are you going to try and hook back up to your stock y-pipe/tailpipe combo?

Bottom View.jpg

MIdpipe End View 2.jpg

Midpipe End.jpg

Tailpipe End View 2.jpg

Tailpipe End.jpg

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Try looking at the Walker 21576 - I'm not certain but this may be the OEM muffler.


25" (28" overall) x 11.75" x 8.5", dual 3" inlets that are offset; single 3" outlet.  About $160 through Rockauto.

Once my wife gets home I could try climbing under our silver '06 and see if any of the OEM part numbers are visible.  Her truck has the factory exhaust that was off my '06 Intimidator.


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