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nv246 transfer case

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hey guys,


in the middle of a situation with my ss. a few weeks ago i started getting a rumbling throughout the truck on coast/decel. i checked under the truck and found tons of slop in the drivetrain that appeared to be at the input yoke of the rearend. so i limped it up to my friends shop, he started getting into it, and he found that the output of my transfer case had damage, the seal was shredded, (which explained the oil marks on my driveway) and there was some gouging into the housing. so we pulled the transfer case, it wasnt all that bad on a lift with some long wobble extensions and some flexing ratchet wrenches. got it on the bench and found it had been running dry. everything inside seems fine at this point so were proceeding with replacing the seal, and the rear transfer case housing which i found for like $110 on fleabay. it showed up quick, and looks to be the correct part, its allegedly a 'problem solver' part so the output bushing looks different, we need to verify its going to work, but so far this common failure has only cost about 250 in parts and a few hours labor thus far.

however if the trans craps the bed, that looks like a job ill farm out. its buried under the truck pretty tight.

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