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Blown 346

Think my steering wheel control wiring harness is shorted.

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Well I got a set of steering wheel controls to replace the ones that didnt light up and had some wear as I like everything to be perfect. everything was going smoothly until the damn lower right control wouldnt plug in. One of the plastic ends on the connector broke as I was grabbing the wire to try and plug it in. I look at it found a better way to to get more slack for those wires on the interweb, So I do that and then the controls lights will work and wont, but the function of the controls do.


Im pretty sure its just a short as I move the wires and the lights will flicker and then go off. Im so anal, I want some clarity to make sure im not missing anything else. Fuses are all good. Everything still works minus the lights on the retarded ebay controls. I should have gone thru Rock Auto.


I can get a brand new whole steering wheel control harness for $40 thru GM.


For anyone who wants to make it easier for themselves with the lower controls. Remove the airbag, and you will see wiring behind a metal plate. Thats the steering wheel control wiring. All you have to do is pull your plug thru the hole after your switches are out, and grab a wire loom each side and re route it and you no more struggling. When you are doing this, you will accidentally honk your horn a few times with the screw driver.


Warning, yuo do have to remove the air bag which is a 5 second thing, But they can go off. so dis connect your battery for atleast 10 minutes for the air bag to drain down before you do this. Then set the cover away from you as the inside of it still will hold a charge. If it goes off, it will not be at your face or near anyone.


Heres a video. would have saved me from having to get a new harness.



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Figured it out, It was the factory heat shrink wrapped 2 amp fuse under the steering wheel.

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