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Dash color code

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Some knucle head hit my truck couple weeks ago while I was rolling through an intersection. Just the bumper skin, bumper and park light housing need replacing and paint. Saw it coming so I hit the brakes but he was in a different state and kept rolling to make a turn across the intersection. Anyways, my truck is an 04 SS arrival blue. What is the interior color for the dash cap. The plastic part where your light sensor is? It cracked and needs replacing. Any help real quick would be appreciated. I have searched but some say pewter, some say dark etc....

Just wanna get her fixed right.


yeah I realized I spelled knuckle wrong... was typing fast. lol

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U have any pics of how it turn out ..im trying to redo mine also ive tried sem very dark pewter but i think its to light also tried sem graphite ..no good also

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