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Group buys for people that missed them.

Blown 346

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Ive gotten a lot of the shirts in the past I wouldnt mind seeing something different then what we have used in the past always good to see new stuff

Im all for it... back in the day people were all over this stuff. Now its like waiting for a tumble weed to roll by. lol


Just so all of you know Im not doing this to make money. If i want a shirt etc Im paying the same price as well. Members that have come over here and got things from me seen the the shirt, the door sills, and the keychain lanyards I had and got all excited. I figured why not try to do this again for the new guys and even us old guys who's shirts etc have seen better days.

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I think when more guys log in and see this post the interest will grow guys don’t log in every day like they use to you might find as guys start logging in more will get on board.


I liked the older shirts and missed out on the hats by a few months before I joined but technology has grown and a more high quality picture of the trucks in my opinion would be sweet the older shirts looked cartoonish still cool but if you ever go to any car shows some of the other car enthusiasts have some pretty high quality pictures of their vehicles of choice we are representing a lost icon in the Sport Truck Category with no more SS Silverado being made some look like they could be but never got the badging to say they are just throwing out my thoughts I’ll buy something regardless I would just be patient it might take a little bit to peak interest with all the active members

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The new lanyards wouldnt be the same material. it would be actual stitching and the lanyard would be thicker to last for along time. I have one back from 2000 and it still looks new due to the material used.

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