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Blower Motor part#

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I have an 06 Silverado with the digital thermostat and console can someone help me with correct part# OEM and aftermarket. Thanks!

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You would think this would be one of those slam-dunk questions but after looking I can see why you're confused. They don't make it easy to figure that one out. The GM dealer sites really are confusing with 3 different part #'s and the aftermarket stuff starts talking about w/ or w/o console, etc.


From what I can tell, on a digital/automatic controls truck, you want ACDelco # 15-81646


The manual (slider controls/non-digital) truck, you want ACDelco # 15-81647


From those #'s you should be able to look up any aftermarket cross-ref you might want to try. The 15-81646 for your truck is currently $96 at Rockauto, but once you add shipping, about the same price as getting it from Amazon. So pick whichever one you think would be easier to return it to if you run into any problems.



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