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Vinci Trucker w/ 114lsa or LPE GT2-3 cam when running a mp112 Radix?

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I know this forum is kind of dead but I also know Silverado SS guys know a thing or 2 about getting a heavy truck to lay down some ETs😂


Truck is a heavy AWD Escalade EXT....nv149/built 4l65 w/ PTC built TB stall,3.73 gears.Engine setup is:


Gen 4 iron 6.2 (.065 over 6.0)

216/224 .551/.551 114+4 Howards cam(Vinci/Crane knock off)

Advanced induction 226cc ported 799s

Ls9 hesdgaskets w/ ARP Head bolts

11.3:1 compression w/ stock ls3 hyper pisons(I plan on running e85 and meth injection)

Long tube headers and Corsa Touring(I know I need to get a true dual exhaust)

ATI 4% is balancer

All other bolt ons and good stuff

And a MP112 w/ upgraded HE,upgraded 100mm idlers,HD tensioner,90mm J tube,etc.


The reason for the high compression is I never planned on any kind of power adder(I know) but I ran up on a deal on a polished mp112 kit I couldnt pass up so here I am.


Ive read a lot about the Lingenfelter GT2-3 cams(207/220 on a 118.5) holding the ET record when paired with a mp112 in a Silverado SS.


The current cam is very mild in the 6.2 and peaks around 5800rpm.


Will I really be giving up that much or anything not running the gt2-3?


Im thinking the gains/driveability between the 2 would be minimal and Id be better off spending the $$$ on a dual exhaust setup like Speed Engineering sells....


I know I will be very limited on boost/timing so the right cam will be even more important.



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I had both and the VINCI CAM gave me the most gain....I have a VINCI cam in my truck now with my TVS2300 running 10.6 in 1/4 mile....I would call VINCI tell him what you have and he will tell you what you need ,He will then cut you a custom cam at no extra cost .

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