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Luaderdale SS

OEM vs Reps - look the same?

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Hey guys,


I damaged one of my OEM rims and was thinking of getting one (if they match great) or two replica rims.

If I can get away with just buying one great, but do the center caps fit reps?

If not I will buy two and put them both on either the front or rear. The real question is do they look identical?

Finish match & center caps fit?


Last question is brand of reps & where to buy??


What a nightmare, not only did I damage my rim, but it was 23 out at night & the spare retaining winch came down to about 6 inches from the ground and broke! Had to call for a ride home to get something to cut the cable, then the jack slipped (fortunately still had two lugs on wheel, finally my never been used since 2006 spare would not hold air.

SMH! :mad::banghead:


Thanks for any help



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I can't help with your wheel question, but sorry to hear about you hassle with the spare.

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