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Apologies if this truck belongs to a member...


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It's a 2003 but it's got a 2006 clip with correct silver Intimidator grille/brake duct grilles


It's a 2003 but it's an Intimidator SS!


Upside-down SS emblem on the drivers door, right-side-up on the passenger door, and no Intimidator scripts


Has Intimidator script and wing on the tailgate, though


Regular SS headrests, but has the Intimidator gauge cluster, and dash insert - right above the airbag switch


This poor truck has some serious multiple personality disorder. Gonna guess a theft recovery that got put back together with some Intimidator parts


What'd I miss?



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The chrome wheels are correct for an intimidator, but he's listing it as all wheel drive... the intimidator was rear wheel only, and only released in 06. which I'm sure everyone knows. it would be a good project truck.

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Just headrests and door emblems away from being a good tribute/clone. Reads like a car jockey is selling it(dealership in the background?), rather than the guy who put it together.

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