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Power Requirements For New Stereo

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I have a 04 SSS and looking to put an aftermarket stereo system. I am looking to upgrade the deck to a double din, replace the door speakers with components and put a couple of 10s under the back seat. I would say max RMS watts would be less 1500. Also, I live overseas in Italy so I cannot just run down to the local store for parts so I need to plan this upgrade out. I also use my truck as a daily driver and take it all over Europe so being reliable is a big concern. The options I am looking at are.


Option 1.

New Optima yellow top battery. New 145amp alternator. Big three upgrade and replace the serpentine belt and pulleys.


Option 2.

New alternator, serpentine belt and pulleys, Big three upgrade and keep current battery… Battery is 6 years old but is still in good condition.


Option 3.

Just replace battery with a optima yellow top and keep current alternator.


What are your guys thoughts? Any other options I am missing?


Thanks in advance,



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New Battery, six year old battery is too much for me... Not really sure on an Optima. Look for the best priced battery with the most CCA that works for your truck.


If your belts are cracking or glazed switch them out... ( Goodyear/Continental Gatorback belts are good ones)


Big 3 is a good idea...


What amps and subs are you thinking on getting?

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