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Settle a Bet


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Okay.....not so much of a bet, but more of an argument. My friend recently purchased an Arrival Blue 04 SS. To date his mods are as follows, Longtubes, catless y pipe, shift kit, servos, tru cool 40k, Blackbear Tune, e fans, and just finished up the TBSS intake manifold swap with 36lb flex fuel injectors. He is now wanting to do a camshaft. I told him I thought a good all around off the shelf cam for his purposes would be a BTR Stage 3 truck, or the Vinci Trucker low lift. He found a local who stabbed a Howards Rattler cam in a 5.3. The specs on the Rattler are 226/234 at 050, with a 109 lobe separation angle. He is just wanting to do a 2800 or 3k stall. I think that cam is going to be overkill for that truck. He essentially wants it for sound. Do you guys agree that the Howards cam would be a bad decision? I know some of you run larger cams.

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